The iTouch™ process employs the same methodology HTC uses for all projects, the Enterprise Development Cycle. It represents a balance of strategic, creative and technology-assisted solutions, which individually serve as vital links between our clients and their markets but together work harmoniously to produce an even more powerful impact.

All projects start with Analysis & Strategy to ensure the right plan is created meeting your needs and unique situations. First we become experts in your business, understanding your market, needs and goals to create the right strategic, creative and site strategy. We suggest which tools to use and any possible customization. Finally we arrive at the site plan and final specifications, and are ready to move into the branding phase.


In the branding phase we give birth to the strategic and creative direction with customized creative design. It is a process involving a well-rounded understanding of how customers relate to specific brands and ensures each Web site we work on will successfully connect with its target market. The result is a creative guide to the site’s look & feel and navigation, preparing us for the Web site’s production.


This is where all of the initial planning and design comes into effect. With the site plan and creative design established we are ready to produce the front-end and implement its backend using iTouch. The end result is the fully tested and new Web communication tool.


This is where we close the loop. We have analyzed what needs to be done, developed a winning strategy to get the job done, completed the task of branding, and developed a great Web site. We now take the time to further examine our solution, and then enhance and refine it. We ensure we’ve been consistent and that our solution meets and exceeds your expectations.