Twelve interconnected, yet independent content and communication management tools to enhance the interactive marketing power of your online presence.

Be customer-centric. Get to know your customers better and deliver targeted, personalized pages based on their profiles and preferences. Membership Manager provides the tools to both simply manage your members and personalize the pages they view.   Customize your communications with messages that match your audience. Users opt-in through onsite registration, with profiling depth tailored to your needs. Creates profiled emailing lists and sends targeted emails with ability to add documents and filter unwanted addresses.

Build return traffic with timely, relevant news that keeps them coming back for more. Communicate key information and add value to target audiences through constantly updated site news.


Build a new sales channel by selling your products online. Our easy-to-use Boutique Manager lets you add, edit and delete product offerings and can offer users personalized product recommendations based on other information they are requesting.


For those with larger publishing requirements, Library Manager allows you to easily create, manage and offer your library of stories, articles, documents and papers through an intuitive interface and a highly organized presentation system.


Business changes quickly and so does information. Control your business collateral and its deployment through a valuable distribution management tool.


The Web is today's greatest source of information. Enhance your site's reference-appeal by offering users direct access to third party content by simply adding links from your site.


The Web is proven to be the ultimate recruitment resource. Build human capital with your own professionally designed career center. Create, modify, activate and deactivate jobs, and review applicant submissions with online priority rating system.


Control your own research with easy-to-use self-managed polls to keep a pulse on target audience trends and developments. Allows you to create pending polls that are activated on dates defined by you.


Cut the time between your clients and your information with a powerful onsite search engine allowing key word, site and section searching.


Knowledge is key so keep on top of your site’s performance with critical information on site usage and user profiles.


The foundation and control centre of iTouch that allows the assignment of site responsibilities, determining access to administrative sections and providing server and browser security.